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Kill The Company – Book Review

In keeping with our 2 week long series on employment and hiring, we recently read Kill The Company by author Lisa Bodell. While the book is intended for a corporate, rather than a start-up audience, it’s still highly applicable to entrepreneurs. The book explains how important culture is to company (and employee) productivity. The premise […]

15 Interview Questions To Ask Potential Hires

Part of making the right hiring decisions for your start-up is knowing what questions to ask. The first step in asking the right question is determining what qualities are important in an employee. Then craft questions to determine if a potential employee has the skills, abilities and qualities you feel are needed. To help in […]

How to Secure and Retain Top Talent, Part 1

Every hire at a start-up is important, but the first few hires are the most crucial. The first few hires, after the co-founders, will help define the culture at the start-up, as well as augment the skills of the co-founders. So how do you make the right hiring decisions and get (and retain) the best […]