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7 Tips for Bootstrapping Your Startup

Here’s a great post from mashable.com about the basics of bootstrapping: Most entrepreneurs dream of taking an idea and turning it into a successful company, but that takes time and capital investment. Most startups don’t get funded by venture capital or angel investors; the money often comes from your savings, credit cards or friends. Because […]

15 Interview Questions To Ask Potential Hires

Part of making the right hiring decisions for your start-up is knowing what questions to ask. The first step in asking the right question is determining what qualities are important in an employee. Then craft questions to determine if a potential employee has the skills, abilities and qualities you feel are needed. To help in […]

7 Qualities of a Good Start-up Incubator/Accelerator

Choosing the right incubator/accelerator is a lot like applying to college, or business school. There’s an increasing number of options available nationwide, some are more desirable than others, and each has its own culture, admissions process, and niche. All of that makes it very hard to determine which one is right for your start-up. We […]