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Kill The Company – Book Review

In keeping with our 2 week long series on employment and hiring, we recently read Kill The Company by author Lisa Bodell. While the book is intended for a corporate, rather than a start-up audience, it’s still highly applicable to entrepreneurs. The book explains how important culture is to company (and employee) productivity. The premise […]

How to Secure and Retain Top Talent, Part 1

Every hire at a start-up is important, but the first few hires are the most crucial. The first few hires, after the co-founders, will help define the culture at the start-up, as well as augment the skills of the co-founders. So how do you make the right hiring decisions and get (and retain) the best […]

The Monty Python Guide to Start-Ups

Now that we’re passed Memorial Day Weekend, here’s a little humor to help kick off the summer. Inc.com’s top 10 Monty Python quotes related to running a business. Monty Python Quotes Every Entrepreneur Should Know | Inc.com

Company Culture Counts

The value of a strong and positive company culture can’t be underestimated. It sets the tone for everything a company does and it’s never too early to start implementing the desired culture. Implementation starts at the top with the founders and executives as they set the tone for everyone around them. For more on why […]