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How to Secure and Retain Top Talent, Part 1

Every hire at a start-up is important, but the first few hires are the most crucial. The first few hires, after the co-founders, will help define the culture at the start-up, as well as augment the skills of the co-founders. So how do you make the right hiring decisions and get (and retain) the best […]

Score a High Profile Mentor; It’s Easier Than You Think

“Pick their brain until it bleeds.” Hollywood’s Michael Ovitz, my mentor since I was 19 years old, advised me to do just that when I find someone whose career I want to emulate. Of course, you’ve got to have a little more tact than simply that, but you get the picture. The best way to […]

Finding a Great Startup Domain Name

VentureStart will be moving off of and onto it’s own domain name in the next month. We’re not giving away the domain name yet, but we’ll keep you updated. In honor of that move, here’s a post about domain names. A company’s marketing strategy is like an octopus. It has a lot of tentacles […]

Don’t Neglect Due Diligence on Your Trademark

Due diligence is important regardless of what industry you’re in and what stage your company’s at. Due diligence is even important outside the business world. You wouldn’t buy a house without verifying that the seller really owns the house (something your broker usually does for you). You wouldn’t book a vacation with a travel agency […]

Company Culture Counts

The value of a strong and positive company culture can’t be underestimated. It sets the tone for everything a company does and it’s never too early to start implementing the desired culture. Implementation starts at the top with the founders and executives as they set the tone for everyone around them. For more on why […]

6 Habits of True Strategic Thinkers |

This is a solid article that was posted on It discusses several intangibles that are key when growing a company from start-up to success. There’s also a little foreshadowing of our next post toward the end of this one. 6 Habits of True Strategic Thinkers |

Choosing The Right Business Parter

The third article in a series on the steps to starting a venture This post was written after Writing the Business Plan, but choosing a business partner can happen before or after writing a business plan. The order is less important than what takes place at each step. Choosing the right business partner can be […]