3 Ways to Build Consumer Trust

image credit: Shutterstock Think of a brand you love — one you’d trust with your personal information, recommend to your friends, and loyally choose over a similar brand. As an entrepreneur in a skeptical market, creating that sense of trust takes an ongoing commitment to integrity. “The biggest challenge is the so-called fragility of trust,” […]

How to Shop for a Business Incubator

Several Months ago, prominent journalist Fareed Zakaria told Harvard University’s graduating class, “You don’t need an ethics course to know what you shouldn’t do.” It was good advice, as members of Duke University’s class of 2012 could attest. At Duke’s commencement 11 days before, Zakaria had uttered precisely the same words. Zakaria’s Harvard and Duke […]

The Mindblowingly Simple Strategies Any Startup Can Use for Meetup Success

Everybody’s talking about Pinterest, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and yet no one wants to give Meetup its respect. Well…truth be told…they’re not going out of their way to disrespect Meetup…but they’re not giving meetup its share of the props. At first I thought…maybe Meetup didn’t really hold that much weight. When you do a Google Insights […]

The Smartest Guy In The Room

Welcome back to VentureStart. Things slowed down a little over the summer, as they often do, but we’ve noticed a very quick resurgence of energy in the start-up space this week and expect the momentum to continue through the fall now that Labor Day weekend has passed. While a lot of people were relaxing, or […]

A truly thought-provoking blog post on one man’s journey to entrepreneurship and how his life experiences prepared him for the hardships of the start-up world. In every successful entrepreneur, there’s something deep inside that hardens us against the fear, the risk, the ambiguity, and the potential failure. Steve Blank explains how he found the courage […]

7 Lessons From My First Year as an Entrepreneur

This is a great article from a fellow entrepreneur. A year ago, I started Greatist with no real clue what I was doing. We’re now the fastest-growing health and fitness site on the Web, so a lot has gone right. But a lot has als0 gone wrong. A year ago, I’d never really hired someone. […]

How Long Is Your Startup’s Runway?

Why runway is one of the most important things for a startup founder. From a simple Google search: run·way [ruhn-wey] Noun: 1. Strip of hard ground along which aircraft take off & land. 2. Raised aisle extending into the audience from a stage. Let me suggest a third definition. 3. The amount of time a […]