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The Innovator’s Guide To Fearless Decision-Making

Making decisions is never easy. Decisions inevitably have to be made based on imperfect information, especially the toughest decisions. One wrong decision is sometimes enough to kill a start-up. Here are 7 keys to bold decision-making from Katherine Von Jan (Founder & CEO, RadMatter): Seek diverse advice – Be honest that you are in exploration […]

7 Tips for Bootstrapping Your Startup

Here’s a great post from about the basics of bootstrapping: Most entrepreneurs dream of taking an idea and turning it into a successful company, but that takes time and capital investment. Most startups don’t get funded by venture capital or angel investors; the money often comes from your savings, credit cards or friends. Because […]

Are Entrepreneurs Born or Made?

Psychology has long pondered whether people are a product of their environment and life experiences (nurture) or the result of their genetic make up (nature). There are differing opinions among experts and different schools of thought have dominated at different times throughout history. There’s strong evidence that the environment around a child all the way […]

Entrepreneurs Start Young

Entrepreneurs often start young, very young. Many future entrepreneurs start small businesses as children. Some examples include, a snow removal business, a lemonade stand, or a used video game company, among others. Cameron Herald, CEO of 1-800-GOT-JUNK and founder of BackPocket COO started several businesses as a child. He went on to become a very […]

Kill The Company – Book Review

In keeping with our 2 week long series on employment and hiring, we recently read Kill The Company by author Lisa Bodell. While the book is intended for a corporate, rather than a start-up audience, it’s still highly applicable to entrepreneurs. The book explains how important culture is to company (and employee) productivity. The premise […]

Becoming An Entrepreneur (Infographic)

This is an infographic about the mindset of an entrepreneur and what to do to become one. By Anna Vital (Founder, Funders & Founders) To do a startup, you need to think very simplistically in many ways. From what I have seen working with hundreds of startup founders, it is often those that stay “hungry […]

15 Interview Questions To Ask Potential Hires

Part of making the right hiring decisions for your start-up is knowing what questions to ask. The first step in asking the right question is determining what qualities are important in an employee. Then craft questions to determine if a potential employee has the skills, abilities and qualities you feel are needed. To help in […]