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How to Secure and Retain Top Talent, Part 1

Every hire at a start-up is important, but the first few hires are the most crucial. The first few hires, after the co-founders, will help define the culture at the start-up, as well as augment the skills of the co-founders. So how do you make the right hiring decisions and get (and retain) the best […]

Entrepreneurs Who Go It Alone — By Choice

Keep an eye out for Venture Start’s new domain, coming soon. Not every Entrepreneur wants a business partner, and not everyone NEEDS a business partner. Some industries are less physically demanding and require less literal heavy lifting than others, like tech vs. manufacturing, even if they require the same amount of figurative heavy lifting. Some […]

How To Find The Best Location For Your Business

Chances are, you’ve heard the term “location, location, location” more than a few times. But if you’re in the throes of creating a spectacular menu for your new restaurant or finding wholesalers for your first retail store, it might not be the first thing on your mind. It’s time to put location at the top […]

Score a High Profile Mentor; It’s Easier Than You Think

“Pick their brain until it bleeds.” Hollywood’s Michael Ovitz, my mentor since I was 19 years old, advised me to do just that when I find someone whose career I want to emulate. Of course, you’ve got to have a little more tact than simply that, but you get the picture. The best way to […]

21 Free Tools to Help Your Small Business Succeed

Reposted from As small business owners we are always looking for tools to help get the job done at a low cost. Well nothing beats free! It’s truly amazing how powerful some of the free online small business tools are out there. If you’re not taking advantage of at least a few of these […]

The Monty Python Guide to Start-Ups

Now that we’re passed Memorial Day Weekend, here’s a little humor to help kick off the summer.’s top 10 Monty Python quotes related to running a business. Monty Python Quotes Every Entrepreneur Should Know |