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Finding a Great Startup Domain Name

VentureStart will be moving off of wordpress.com and onto it’s own domain name in the next month. We’re not giving away the domain name yet, but we’ll keep you updated. In honor of that move, here’s a post about domain names.

A company’s marketing strategy is like an octopus. It has a lot of tentacles that are constantly in motion and if you don’t pay attention to all of them careful, any one of them can slap you in the face when you you’re focused on the other seven. What we mean by that is the following: A company’s marketing strategy has a lot of moving parts and divisions within itself. Part of a company’s marketing strategy is branding, and part of that branding effort in today’s world is creating a targeted and strategic online presence. Social media is one part of that online presence (and a very important part), but having a company website is often just as important as having social media presence. Social media is great, but you want to have somewhere to send traffic where they can learn more about your company, and ultimately purchase your product or solicit your services.

Having a well branded domain name for your website is a key part of your company’s online presence. It’s important to know your customer base when picking a domain name because it will influence traffic to your website. For example, a financial service provider such as #MorganStanley should avoid a domain name such as Morgn.Stan.ly because their customer base would largely be confused and fail to remember the domain name, as many of their customers are on the less tech savvy end of the spectrum.

If you’re struggling to come up with that perfect domain name, take a look at the link below. The article lists several resources for finding out if the domain name you want is already taken, and finding similar alternatives.

Finding a great startup domain name | 47 Hats


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