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5 Ways to Decrease Stress When Starting a Business

When you start a venture, you have a lot of work to do. All that work takes a lot of time. An experienced entrepreneur used to joke that when you start your own business, you get to work half days and you can choose which 12 hours of the day that is. It’s a dry joke, but very true. Launching a venture is not a 9-5 job. Working those hours doesn’t leave much free time for family, friends, or anything else. That, among other factors such as business set backs, create enormous amounts of stress for an entrepreneur. #MichaelHalper, Founder and CEO of Launch Pad Solutions, LLC, has put together a list of ways for an entrepreneur to reduce stress. The list is, by no means, exhaustive. Nor does every suggestion apply to every entrepreneur. But, his suggestions are worth a read and may make your life a little easier while working on your start-up.

1. Simplify your lifestyle

2. Workout

3. Compartmentalize your life

4. Have a financial cushion

5. Keep things in perspective

Read Halper’s entire post here: 5 Ways to Decrease Stress When Starting a Business


One comment on “5 Ways to Decrease Stress When Starting a Business

  1. […] Note: This posting originated on Venture Start. The author and founder of Venture Start, Matt Javitch, has approved for this content to be displayed on the Boston Entrepreneurship  Blog. To see the original posting click here. […]

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