Where it all begins

This is the first article in a bi-monthly series on the steps to starting a venture.

For many would-be entrepreneurs, the hardest part of starting a company is just that, getting started. Before the start-up stage, before the seed stage, before even the idea stage, there’s a conscious decision to take an idea and try to turn it into a business. That’s where it all starts; with a simple decision that’s not so simple.

There are many reasons why this first step can be so challenging. Some people look too far down the road and get scared by the monumental challenge of taking an idea and turning it into a company, others by the prospect of leaving a steady salary for the uncertainty of being self-employed. Some people are so focused on finding the perfect idea for a new company, that they fail to realize they don’t have to reinvent the wheel. Some would be entrepreneurs stumble across an incredible opportunity to create their own company in the course of their daily or work life, but lack the interest or the vision to create their own company. Whatever the reason, every would-be entrepreneur has one, consciously or not, why he or she hasn’t started a company, yet.

The truth is, starting a business is challenging, full of pitfalls, and frequently taxing on those closest to the entrepreneur. It’s not an easy task, and it’s even harder to start a successful company. If it were easy, everyone would do it. But once that first step is taken, once the decision is made to take that idea and turn it into a business, the immediate feeling is a wave of relief mixed with excitement; a sort of honeymoon period.

I strongly encourage anyone with an idea to take the first steps and explore the possibility of turning that idea into a company.


2 comments on “Where it all begins

  1. Congrats buddy!!! You did it!!! Amazing first blog post; cannot wait to read more!!

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